Need Advice on a Quiet PC build


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Nov 10, 2005
I am looking for advice on building a new PC with the following requirements:
1) Stability
2) Low noise (as quiet as possible) with minimum fans
3) Performance for 3-d games (BF2, Rome Total War), video editing (Vegas), photo editing (photoshop)
4) Multiple OS - Windows XP and Linux
5) Price - Under 2K (without monitor) - I already have a Dell 2405FPW

I plan to overclock only when running the latest 3-d games; otherwise I would prefer more stability.
I plan o run Windows XP Pro and some version of Linux so driver availability is very important.

Here is my current plan:
Component Description Price
CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 322
Motherboard Abit AN8 120
RAM Corsair Value Select 2GB PC3200 180
Video Card eVGA 7800 GT 359
HD1 Hitachi T7K250 110
Case Antec Sonata II 100
Sound Card Audigy 2 ZS 50
DVD Writer Pioneer DVR-108D 50
Speakers Logitech Z-3 63
Keyboard Microsoft 30
Mouse Logitech MX518 45

My current questions are in regards to the motherboard and graphics card:
1) I would prefer a Socket 939 Nforce4 board with passive cooling (no fan). Are my only options Abit AN8 and ASUS A8N Premium? I don't need SLI.
2) I read that the eVGA 7800GT has a loud fan. Which of the 7800 GT cards is the quietest?
3) I plan to overclock the 3800 x2 to 2.4 GHz on air (during games only). Any specific recommendations for memory or colling to achieve this in a Sonata II case? I plan to use the onboard 450W power supply.

Thanks for any helpful advice.