Need Advice: Laptop for Graphic Design, 3D Modeling and Other Such Programs


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Jul 11, 2004
My son needs a new laptop for software programs such as Photoshop/Indesign, 3D Modeling, Video Editing, Blender and such plus the occasional League of Legends game (the only game he plays outside of consoles). I did do research but I find little agreement on what recommended hardware is essential for such programs in 2021. If it was a gaming laptop I could easily configure one on my own but I don't deal with this type of software so I am in the dark. I would appreciate your advice including vendors. His current laptop was made by Xotic PC and it has been a workhorse but old now.

If it helps the budget is $1,500 - %2000 give or take $200. Thanks.


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Apr 26, 2007
Some suggestions:

If he uses an external monitor thats calibrated, maybe this ryzen 5800h +3070 ~$1560

If he uses the laptop display for modeling/photoshop maybe a 100% srgb display and a colorspider. i7 10870h + 2070 ~$1299 +~$200. note: the display is 60hz.
makes it easy to go with 1x16gb and add another 16 gb yourself as well as upgrade to win 10 pro if he prefers that over home.

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