need advice about atacom.. (lasuit perhaps?)


Oct 3, 2000
I bought a board from them.. it's broken.. they say it isn't.. i finnaly got them to give me some money back.. 15% restocking fee.. however.. they arn't actually giving me my money back.. 3 weeks ago we agreed to do a return.. they said it would be sent to accounting, and then posted on friday. didn't happen.. i called there accounting department.. i was dileberatly hung up on by a women who was very rude, and wouldn't let me talk at all. she said that i should call tech support. (they told me to call accounting earlier.. surprize surprize). tech support said that my case had been closed since it was put to accounting. they were going to try again. another friday went past.. nothing. called again.. same routine. now.. it's been the 3rd friday.. still no money!.
is there anything i can do because they obviously wont give me my money back. this is stealing. i sent them something, and they were to give me money for it.. they gave me no money. i used a bank card to make the purchase, so i dont think visa will help me out, but i am goig to call them monday. is there someplace i can call? perhaps some type of legal actions need to take place. i know there are more of you out there then just me who have been screwed in the EXACT same way by this company.. perhaps if there are more of us complaining and threatoning to take legal actions.. they will learn some english so we can talk to them.. learn some good manners.. and get us our money back.
thanks for any possible advice...


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Oct 9, 1999
ouch, sorry to hear about your problems. If you bought it with a visa debit card, then you want to call your bank has well.


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Jan 23, 2000
Did you use a credit card for the purchase? If so call your CC company and dispute the charge. Explain the situation and they will take care of it for you. Good luck!


Oct 9, 1999
Definitely call your bank and see what they have in place for chargebacks. Not sure how that works for a debit card.

After that, get a credit card and NEVER use a debit card for an online purchase for this exact reason. Even if you get one with a tiny limit ($500) and pay it off every month, you'll save yourself the trouble of hassles like this since companies respond pretty well to CC disputes.

If the bank doesn't help you, contact your state's Consumer Affairs department (or Attorney General) -- they usually have a way to file complaint against a company.