need a workout regmin for cutting

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Jun 6, 2007
I really need to find a routine that would be better for cutting weight, I'm back at about 220. I think I'm leaner than I have been but I'm still not happy with my bf% should I just stick to what I've been(see my Workout Journal ) doing and add in some running and maybe a little more crossfit? I've also thought about going every other day rather than 1 on 2 off.

I've als been keeping close track of my calorie intake and it's stayed between 2600-2800 I really don't think I can eat any less I still feel hungry sometimes and other times I get so hungry I have to eat something. I rarely eat anything processed, absolutely no HFCS and lots of veggies. Mostly drink water and milk I'll have some tea on occasionally just for something different

Ideally I would like to get down to 210-200lbs without losing much if any LBM and keeping my strength about where it's at.
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Jun 30, 2004
The same routines that work well while bulking will work fine while cutting as long as volume is lowered to compensate for recovery. Intensity (weight on the bar) should stay the same. Don't make the mistake of lowering weight, and increasing overall volume with the idea that it'll help "tone." Losing bodyfat is all in the diet, not your weightlifting routine. Use your weight lifting to maintain your strength and muscle mass and perhaps gain a small amount of strength if possible, and leave the fat loss to your diet and cardio.

Also, the easiest ways to decrease hunger while on a diet is making sure you are getting adequate protein and plenty of fiber.


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Jul 5, 2005
As KoolDrew said, weight loss is about the diet and not the routine. As long as their is sufficient resistance training to prevent LBM loss, do whatever routine works for your fitness goals.


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Oct 15, 1999
I run a huge calorie deficit (2000 some days) and my secret is Chia seeds. I never get hungry, I wash a 1 ounce scoop of seeds down with water before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and bed, and I never get hungry. But 4 ounces of chia is about 500 calories so you would have to adjust. Superb source of fiber. If you drink whey shakes, you can mix them in, but if you're cutting I would recommend "real" food, not shakes.
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