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Question Need a new router ... recommendations?


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Apr 2, 2001
So my Netgear R7300 seems to be nearing end of life - the 5G wifi just disappears periodically, and yesterday the ethernet ports all went off-line for a few minutes. I'm really tempted to go w/the Eero mesh system to get better coverage in my 3-story, 3800 square foot house (I am forced to have the router in a far corner of the house because of where the fiber line comes in), but I am also feeling I may need something w/more robust security - I have a lot of smart home devices, most on Z-wave but some on wifi, and I'm thinking I should isolate these on their own VLAN or something to protect my data. Any recommendations for a tri-band router that has great coverage and security features? Any thoughts on how paranoid I should be about isolating my smart stuff from the rest of my network? Any experience w/Eero mesh or other mesh systems and thoughts on how they work compared to a standard router?
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