Need a good disk cloner for a bad drive


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Feb 13, 2001
I have a laptop that works (for now) had a gazillion file issues in the last chkdsk /r.

It's running XP Home, my desktops run XP Pro and Win 7 32bit

I'd like a free solution as my Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 is coughing on the burn. It goes to the drive size and then resets the tickers and the time indicator starts counting in reverse. It runs until my hard drive fills up with the image (I have 50GB free, the laptop drive is only 30GB and about 2/3 full so compressed it should be 9-10GB...)

It's a Gateway M320 is that makes any difference.

I have a ATA/6 IDE to USB enclosure for it if that helps vs using ethernet.

I have a 160GB Samsung HM160HC Spinpoint M5 coming for it.