Question Need a camera for wife's shop that will connect through a cellular AP


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Dec 8, 2018
I have ubiquity gear but it is not going to work, not how I want it to.

I need a decent camera, that will have motion sensor and IR capabilities, probably have to be cloud hosted or such through an app, prefer an SD card capability so that it doesn't chew data too bad. 150GB unlimited, throttles after 150, would also like for multiple app users, 2 max, and ability to schedule or be able to turn off during working hours and enable during closed hours.

Any recommendations that wont break the bank, this is for a hair salon.

Back story, 1 booth renter was confronted, and quit, then her friend quit and stole a chair from property, and hasn't returned the key yet. been a month.

So since landlord won't pay for lock replacement, I want video to catch any illegal entry. 2 way audio would rock as well.