National Total Primary/Caucus Votes


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May 21, 2001
Clinton: 568k votes, 18.8%
Romney: 564k votes, 18.6%
McCain: 542k votes, 17.9%
Obama: 394k votes, 13.0%
Huckabee: 361k votes, 11.9%
Edwards: 194k votes, 6.4%
Thompson: 130k votes, 4.3%
Paul: 113k votes, 3.7%
Giuliani: 64k votes, 2.1%
Richardson: 29k votes, 1.0%
Kucinich: 26k votes, 0.8%
Hunter: 7k votes, 0.2%
Biden: 4k votes, 0.1%
Dodd: 4k votes, 0.1%
Gravel: 3k votes, 0.1%
Total votes: 2.4M.

This is the total votes from any primary/caucus that has happened in 2008. The percent is the percent of ALL votes (republican + democrat). I'll update this periodically throughout the primary season.

I have to do lots of estimating, but it is all just for fun. Don't get all angry. You can help the estimates be more accurate if you wish. I used actual totals whenever possible, which is usually the case.

Note: Tallies will be lopsided a bit as states like Wyoming have only had a Republican caucus and the Democrat one won't be until March. Thus, until then republicans will look better than they really are.

Yes, people can screw up primaries and caucusses since they can change parties and vote in the other one. Remember this is just for fun to see how the votes add up.

[*]Iowa: I assumed 227k democrat voters which was what the Iowa Democratic Party estimated.
[*]Wyoming: I assumed 63.6% turnout (same as New Hampshire) of their 246k voters last year, 62% republican, assumed half of the 12% independents voted. Then I used their national percentages of votes in the other states and assigned them to each candidate.
[*]Michigan: I took the uncommitted democrats and divided them up amongst Obama, Edwards, Richardson, and Biden in proportion to their tallies in other states.
[*]Nevada: I assumed 120k democrat voters which was what the media estimated.


Feb 18, 2004
may as well factor out Michigan 100% on the D side.

I doubt it's going to come into play unless it turns out to be a ridiculously tight race even after the super delegates vote... but I'd imagine that we'll have a clear front runner for both parties by Feb. 6th.


Apr 15, 2001
I'm not so sure. I'm starting to think the GOP could really have a brokered convention and that we won't know the Dem nominee until perhaps April (or later).


Feb 18, 2004
45% of the delegates are up for grabs on super tuesday and 20% of the grand total are the super delegates, so that might be that if there's a decisive winner on the D side.

as far as republicans go... I don't have a clue. lol. I'll be voting for McCain in the NJ primary, but if it keeps going like this, Rudy might be able to use his name recognition in a fragmented field to pull out a victory. I have no doubt he'll take NJ and NY, at any rate, unless something really unexpected comes up.