nasty sound output while cdrom is working


Jan 23, 2002

im using an abit kt7a w/ duron 1ghz and 384mb sdram + asus s400(SecMaster+UDMA) + sblive 5.1 + xp
I won't get clear soundoutput while the cd drive is working - everything is interrupted by *krack,Hack* .....
so I do get the sound but only with these "noise"
what can I do?


Diamond Member
Aug 8, 2001
I think you're running into the classic SBLive! + 686B southbridge bug. Try updating all of your 4-in-1 drivers to the latest version. Goto for the latest from the manufacturer. Also, update your soundcard drivers to the latest version. You may have to do a search on the web to find those drivers. Last time I remember, Creative wasn't offering the latest drivers on their webpage anymore. You can still check it out at if you feel like taking a look. Also, you may want to play around with some BIOS settings and download all windows updates as well. Also, goto and download VIA's PCI Latency path. If it only happens when the CD-ROM is being used, then perhaps it is some kind of bug related to the fact that the PCI bus is getting overly saturated. I don't really know, but it's worth a shot. I was lucky, I had this combination of hardware with no problems at all.