My (Worthless) Opinions


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Dec 6, 1999
Those Palestinians should stop throwing rocks and get jobs.

Well, they can still throw rocks at that Intel fab, that's fine by me.

There is no reason for AMD's stock to be so frickin' low.

I am a better leader than either Gore or Bush.

My dictatorship would provide more freedom than any other dictatorship before.

Destruction seems more and more like the best solution to solve most problems.

There are such things as dumb questions. Even worse, there are dumb people.

PA rulez.

Anything "by the government" is either:

b.)obsolete by time of completion.
c.)only makes things worse.

The government also pays crap wages.

Damn the torpedoes.

This country was founded by conservative ideals. Who else but consevatives would form a country just because they were pissed about high taxes?

You're a loser if you've read this far.

I have a date to Homecoming and I am better looking than you. Dumb nerd.

Killbat just might be considered a national threat if he finds a way to improve his propane-powered potato gun.

I think the NRA should increase membership by giving out M16s with each membership.

Do you know what I could do with an M16?

Probably not.

JUSTer speakers are also known as crap packed in plastic.

Boy, I might play terribly in UT, until you realize I am forced to play at 400x300.

I like to feel paper fresh from a laser printer.

A sport combining baseball bats and AOL CDs sounds like it would be a hit.

Dabanshee and 403forbidden can go smoke and inject all the illegal drugs they want and eat all their "tasty" and "healthy" tofu, as long as they do it far, far away from here.

What tattoo would look better, one that has "SOB" in red letters oulined in yellow, or "Big dicks have big dicks."?

How about "Haul Ass" and my butt?

Why do smart kids fail? Because they're obviously not smart.

Are you still reading this? Get a life.

Obviously beer doesn't show that God loves us because most major religions disapprove of alcoholic beverages. Tough noogies.

Running 5 miles in Al Lopez Park
Cost: Taxes

Bicycling 4 miles through Old Carrolwood
Cost: More taxes and a bike

Being a CC stud and a bike freak: Priceless.

I enjoy the hum of flourescent lights.

Beating up on your little brother and sister is damn fun.

Why haven't we pushed the pinko commie libs into the sea yet?

Because some actually have nice personalities behind their skewed logic of government.

Of course, that's rare.

David Letterman's Top Ten List is improving quite a bit.

MJ & BJ can suck it long, suck it hard, and swallow it down.

It is hard to think of things to write to waste people's time.

Oh wait, no it isn't.

God dammit, stop reading this!

I'm warning you!

Wax on, wax off.

Polls suck.

h4x0r sucks.

Why hasn't AMD hooked me up with a 760?

Peter Gabriel is as infectious as herpes.

This is the thread that gets in everybodies' nerves...

Hey, you only nef once... or is that live?

James Bond would be cool if he could make love to all the hot chicks and save the world at the same time.

I like chocalate pudding.


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Mar 26, 2000
Well now that you got that out of your system you should be alright ;)


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Jan 10, 2000
i see your flinstones prozac wore out early today, perhaps its time your parents up the dosage.



Feb 24, 2000
I agree with most stuff up there, especially PA rules, but I'd have to disagree on you being a good dictator. Where you go and post about your opinions on this board, I actually do something about mine. Well I do something about most things, but if Al Gore and George Bush end up dead in a few months, don't look at me. :p