My short review of the Planar 15 LCD Flat-Panel Monitor


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Jul 28, 2000
Got it about a week ago for $549 with no tax & shipping from I'm happy with it but could be better. Here're the goods & the bads:

  • No dead pixels at all (am I just lucky?)
  • Viewing angle is outstanding at 160 deg L-R
  • The colors is fine for a LCD
  • Self-adjusting, really doesn't needs to reposition anything.
  • Fast response time of 10ms-35ms. Faster than many LCDs of the same size under $1000.
  • I don't have UT or games like that but it is good enough to play DVD movies.
  • The contrast is kick ass at 300:1, also better than many LCDs under $1000.
  • Color cases in white, black, clear, blue & red
  • 15pin analog interface
  • The price

  • Backlights, not that bad but the top is very slightly darker than bottom. Again not annoying but just noticeable if I turn off all the lights in my room.
  • The build-in speakers are crap (just like many othe monitors, LCD or CRT).
  • No quick reach speaker volume control or mute.
  • The controls buttons are not the best designed but simple enough to use.
  • I found the green power-on LED very annoying. Especially the blinking when it's in the sleeping mode.
  • No icm or icc color profiles from the manufacture
  • Some backlights shine through the right side of the iMac-ish case. Get the solid black or white color case will take care of that.
  • No L-R mount adjustment. Up-Down is only 35 deg or so.
  • No DVI interface or USB hub options


Great price. Top quality LCD. The case design could be better.


Double Trouble

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Oct 9, 1999
Nice review. I hadn't considered Planar before, but I'm gonna go take a peek at it now. Thanks for the mini-review!


Jan 4, 2001

wow, $550 for 15 inches, i never thought i'd see that referred to as a "good price" again, not after 1990 at least.

let me know when they're 21" lcds for $550, then i'll think about it.


Vinny N

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Feb 13, 2000
Are you certain there are no dead pixels?

You'd have to go through it with a fine tooth comb on a solid color screen(of at least, blue, green, red, white, and black) to make that claim. A dead pixel may not show up when it's asked to display certain colors, because it may only be partially dead.