My new music video production company just opened!

Mar 15, 2003
So I've been freelancing for a while but just thought I'd concentrate my efforts and strart a company - so I did! I'm excited though my life has just become even more stressful. I have a full time 9 to 5, have a non-profit film group with two productions a month, am doing pre-production on a feature film, and now have this music video company. It's a lot to handle, maybe it's a good thing I'm a dork without a girlfriend!

If anyone needs a video then I'll surely give an ATOT discount. I already charge next to nothing since I'm trying to build a reel.

Thanks! <- The website is crappy but I'll hire someone to spiff it up after I get some $$$.


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May 2, 2001
Congratulations although if you're serious I would really really try to get something done about that website, and the demo reel.


Apr 10, 2001
Originally posted by: Maleficus
Congratulations although if you're serious I would really really try to get something done about that website, and the demo reel.

Aye...that website is atrocious, and I know nothing about websites compared to most people here.


Nov 23, 2002
DUDE! That website SUX. At the very least , change that services link to something that actually describes WHAT it is you do. That looks so amatuerish as to be FRIGHTENINGLY off-putting.
Change it NOW!


May 3, 2000
Originally posted by: freedomsbeat212
Originally posted by: pulse8

Do you have any idea how the music video industry works?

Mr. Man of the industry, do fill me in...

What kind of company have you "created"? A production company? Do you know how to run a production company? Are you just trying to get work for yourself or other directors / jobs as well?

Also, you don't really sell yourself very well as a director on your site.

"Services? Hmmm... What services do I offer? How can I summarize my artistic and professional life with a simple "services offered" page? If it requires professional video gear, patience, creativity, and a bloated sense of self importance then I'm your man! "Rebel Without a Scene" refers to the fact that I'm not attached to one scene or another - I understand every genre of music and am equally passionate about Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Blue Grass, and klezmer. Ok, I'm not passionate about klezmer. If your project is interesting to me then I'll return the favor by offering my "services" at next to nothing. Contact me and let's make some art together!"

We still don't know what services you offer! If you're a director. Call yourself a director! If you're a production company, talk about what production services you offer.

"While watching this Demo Reel, please remember that all of the shots in it were from productions that had zero dollar budgets. Imagine what Sam could do with money! Please, don?t give him $2 and expect an infinitely better product. Sam likes money, he doesn?t do zero dollar productions because he doesn?t like money. Let?s be clear about this: Money = good. Evil munchkins* with little lasers on their head = bad."

A) Just because you can do well with no money doesn't mean you can do all that much better with a lot of money. Look at Kevin Smith for an example of this.

B) We still don't know why we should give you our money over anyone else other than you like money.

In your About Sam section you don't mention any of the past work you've done or what you've accomplished as a filmmaker. You just ramble on like you do in the rest of the site including some bit of insulting yourself in the process.

What does the Be a Rebel section have anything to do with anything?

People aren't going to trust you with any large amounts of money if you can't tell them why they should.

And while I'm not an expert, I do have A LOT of experience in the music video industry working for actual production companies and on actual videos with some of the best guys in the industry so I do know what I'm talking about.