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My house was broken into yesterday, any security system suggetions?

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Oct 11, 1999
Points to consider:

Unless a dog is very noisy, has the run of the house, and is extremely well trained, a hunk of raw meat and a stun gun puts them away in a hurry. Not that a dog is a lousy idea; just that you need a "layered" defense. By all means, check into security systems - get a couple of free "on-site" estimates. Can't hurt to have anyone casing the 'hood see a security company vehicle in the area.

Check your local laws pertaining to the use of lethal force - the standards are NOT uniform throughout the US. Get some professional "home defense" training if you consider firearms to be an acceptable option. With minors in the home, you should consider a secure "quick access" storage system. And don't construct anything that can be considered a "man-trap", lethal or otherwise. You can end up on the receiving end of a civil suit.

This is the ideal time to go door-to-door and get to know those neighbors you haven't met yet. What better reason than to let them know that there may be a continuing reason to be on the alert throughout the neighborhood? You may just find enough interest in starting a "watch" program in your area . . . At least you'll get to know each other a bit, and that helps to build that sense of community and common cause.