My First WC build


Dec 4, 2006
Hi guys, I just want to share my water cooled rig since this is my first, it's far from perfect especially since I don't have the tools nor the time to mod the case. I'd like to thank aigomorla, he may not remember when I was asking questions on pm but it helped me a lot.

It would be great if someone points out potential disasters, for example the discharge tube on the rad, it looks fine to me but honestly, it's the most weird/unnatural part of the loop and I tried to do my best in avoiding kinks on that part. Also I mounted the pump on a fan and some rubber because it was hot (I used the sticky foam before that).

I was expecting hours of bleeding because there were a lot of air bubbles at first, but after adding some pentosin I think it affected the viscosity or something and the gurgling noise disappeared instantly which I guess means air bubbles were greatly reduced. I tested for leaks for 24+ hours.

Temps improved around 2-3c @ idle: 40c/44c for the cores now, I was using the Noctua NH-U12P which is an excellent air cooler. Load temps don't go higher than 8c from idle while rendering so far, I didn't make detailed logs or comparisons because I had to start working again asap. Ambients are around 29-30c at night and ~32c during the day. CPU is E6400@3.2GHz 1.25v in bios, I'm looking at replacing it with a yorkie after nehalem's release.

The kit is Petra's Coolkit Elite, great shop :)


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Jul 4, 2005
What is your overall impression on the Lian-Li case ? That is the one I am wanting to use as well.

Nice setup :thumbsup:

Looks like it needs a little better wire management though :)

Edit: This topic should actually be in Cases@Cooling.
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