My first build


Aug 15, 2006
I am building a PC for the first time. I have decent general knowledge of hardware, but have never built my own computer. Being a noob in the trade, I have a few questions.

1) I have an Antec P180 case which comes with three fans that have a speed control on each. I am not sure whether to attach these fans to the motherboard or PSU (antec truepower). I think I should put them into the antec PSU since it has 3 fan only slots and having the motherboard regulate the fans in addition to the speed control would be a bad idea. Is my reasoning correct? Should the fans connect to the PSU or motherboard?

2) I am getting a Gigabyte 7600 gt silent pipe, which is passively cooled. In the standard recommended fan configuration, the case has no intake fans. Will the airflow be good enough for the card?

3) Which motherboard should I buy for the E6600? I don't plan on overclocking or SLI, but I do want a reliable and noob friendly motherboard. I am currently considering the Gigabyte DS3 and the Asus P5B.

4) The case does not come with a PC speaker. Is it okay to go without one, or will it be a big help for a first time builder?

5) According to the Gigabyte DS3 manual, you should check the back of the motherboard to check if your cooler is inserted properly. Does this mean I should screw in my motherboard (to secure it and keep it from slipping), insert the CPU and cooler and then unscrew the motherboard and check to see if the cooler is properly inserted?

Thanks for the help.


Senior member
Jun 30, 2006
For number 5: No, it means that you should install the CPU and HSF before you put the motherboard into the case. The concept of the Intel stock coolers (and some others) is pretty simple, but it is easy to get wrong. After you think the cooler is installed, look at the back and make sure that you can see the black posts poking through the white parts. Sorry that I don't know the technical terms.

I didn't do this recently. I thought that the cooler was completely secured, but my temps were very high. Once I pushed down (hard) on the two rear posts, and heard the click, the temps dropped considerably.