My evil Computer


Oct 18, 2006
Well. while i was in my account in windows, when i was chatting my pc suddenly gave me an error (which i dont remember) and restarted. I thought it was a problem in my account so i decided to use my brother´s. The antivirus suddenly started by itself. ( i have kaspersky, but it wasnt updated) i get to see there was lots of viruses but before it finished the pc just restarted again.

The third time i turned it on, i tryed to access my acount but i couldnt. when i pressed the icon it said "starting sesion" and two seconds after it was closing. so i couldnt get in. i tried in safe mode and i couldnt either. It was lasting too much. That was when i tried to do the ugly thing, format my hard disk. i have windows xp and i was going to install it again. Everything was okay ´til i get to the license part. So u have 3 keys to press: Escape, the one for the pages and F8 to continue. Dont know why the only keys i can use are ESC and the one for the page. F8 doesnt work and i actually know is not he keyboard cuz i was trying to boot on safe mode, so i had to use f8.

The other thing i tried was using ubuntu to access to the hard disk and take my important data. my hard disk is divided into 3 ntfs partitions. The one with windows is the only one that cant be mounted so i dont know what to do. i ran out of ideas. HELLLP