My ASUS P3C-2000 is total crap!


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Nov 29, 2000
After living in a state of denial about the MTH issue on the Camino chipsets, I am forced to realize this board is killing an otherwise great system. I have a 733EB P-III right now but screw Intel. I am looking at the Athlon 1.1 or 1.2 T-Birds for a rightous upgrade. Any ideas on the best board? I have an old ISA scanner card and the Gigabyte GA-7ZX and Abit KT7 RAID look good but the ASUS A7V gets high tech scores. Ahhhhh, screw ASUS too! I beginning to think they sold me out and their boards seem increasingly overpriced anyhow. OK, enough flaming from me. Anyone with experience with any of the above mentioned boards? What the heck is RAID anyway and is it worth the ag? Thanks peoples.:disgust:


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Oct 9, 1999
You had the option of returning your board, and yet you refused to. How can you say to screw ASUS when you really screwed yourself?

Both the A7V and KT7-RAID are great boards. RAID offers various things like data redundancy and performance improvements. You can do stuff like taking two hard drives and combining them into one partition, other configurations allow you to have double the normal performance.