MSI X79-GD45 (8D) - Win 7 x64 pro installation questions - Please help

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    I have a MSI X79-GD45(8D) board with i7-3930k processor that I am trying to install Win 7 x64 Pro on. I have a Sandisk Xtreme 240 SSD that I will be using as a system disk and [FONT=inherit !important]2X[/FONT] WD 1TB Black SATA 6GB/s (faex) drives that I will be using in a RAID 1 configuration for storing quickbooks and other data. This machine will run a quickbooks enterprise server serving 10 people

    I want to get the installation right from the get go so that I can start testing it asap. Here are the steps that I will be taking to get this going. Could you folks comment on it so that I can modify it as needed. Thanks.

    I have already installed the main board, 32GB RAM, Processor, fans etc and have setup the case. It does post without issues so far. Now for the installation, I have not partitioned the SSD (intend to make use of the full 240 GB) and leave the WD disks in a[FONT=inherit !important] RAID[/FONT] 1 taking up the whole disk space (no partitions).

    I am installing Win 7 x64 Pro on the SSD. Here I have several questions:

    1. Do I set the SATA mode to RAID or should I just leave it at AHCI? I am assuming that this board recognizes drives in AHCI mode and [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]installs [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]Win [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]7[/FONT][/FONT]. I ask this question because I will be using two WD SATA drives in Raid 1 for storing data later. Will the SATA mode be AHCI irrespective of that fact or should I change it to RAID after installing Win 7?

    2. Should I install Intel RSTe iaAHCI or iaStorA (ver RSTe_Win7_8_64bit_3.5.0.1101_F6) with the F6 option for the setup I mentioned. I know the F6 installation in Win XP, but a little confused with Win 7. I ask this because, I have read some discussions of Intel drivers vs Microsoft's version for AHCI. Raid is confusing though. Please explain in detail if you can. Appreciated.

    3 If I do F6 installation, do I install the AHCI/RAID drivers again after Win 7 is installed or does Windows properly load the F6 installation?

    SSD, AHCI are all new to me with this build. I have tried to educate myself, but have some of the confusions that I listed above. Please explain how I can properly install it to the spec that I outlined above.

    Your time, patience and help are all appreciated. Thanks


    core - i7 3930k
    MSI X79-GD45 (8D) MB
    CoolerMaster 212 Evo Directpipe cooler (push pull 2 fans)
    Corsair 500R Case with fans in the front, back, side, top (lots of air movement) - Holding steady at 42 C idle (efi readings)
    32GB Patriot Cas 10 1600MHz XMP certified memory (XMP enabled in efi)
    Gigabyte 6670 HD video card with 1gb [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]ddr3[/FONT][/FONT](this machine will be used as a QB server)
    Will install Win 7 x64 pro
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