MSI X1550 64-bit Questions


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Oct 30, 2004
I've an older PCI-E MSI 'radeon' driven X1550 64bit (512Mb) card with a PCI only out.
My LCD is a shoddy Microtek that I got for $75 (1024-768 on a 211SD) and lately when I turn
the monitor on, I've been getting a "NO DVI Signal" - well, I figured it was the old shoddy monitor
so I bought (right, I know, I know, shoulda hooked up a spare and checked) DVI/VGA Asus
22.5" and IT FOUND NO DVI SIGNAL... ouch.

But if I "reboot" or "boot", then the signal is solid and the monitors work. Shut 'em off, no

I'm using an older driver (I think, as finding any mention of this card on MSI's site is impossible)
version 8.331.0.0 and did download the ATI (but my card is MSI) drivers for "all" ATI products.
The shows a driver version of DriverVer=06/14/2007, 8.390.0.0000 so I'm not even sure that is the latest and EVEN if I want the latest.

Appreciate any thoughts on why I'm getting the 'DVI' signal issue (synch not working?? How, why?) or any ideas in solving. Thanks VERY much
Aug 11, 2008
Confused about the first line of your post. Did you mean to say the video card has DVI out only?? I assume that is what you meant to say, as I don't know what PCI out means.

I also don't really understand what is happening with your system about the no signal error, but working when you reboot. Could you explain again exactly the conditions that cause the monitor to not work and exactly what you do to make them work properly?? (If you turn the monitor on with the computer off, you should get a no signal message, but it should go away when you turn on the comp.)

The first thing to try would be to open the case and make sure your video card is seated properly and that all the other connections are good. I assume you have done this. It could be a driver problem. Try using driver cleaner to remove the old drivers and reinstall the latest you can download from the AMD website. Also, if you could borrow a video card that would not overload your power supply you could put that in and see if the monitors work properly.