Question msi optix mag274qrf-qd adaptive sync question


Jan 6, 2002
Asus Zenbook 13 with a 5700u processor (Vega10) running Windows 11 release candidate with the latest updates. I Googled this a bit but I'm still confused.

Monitor has 165hz refresh and Adaptive Sync, which Google's saying is basically the same as Freesync. I know the 5700u isn't a GPU powerhouse, but so far I've tried 2 games, Crysis 2 & Bloodroots and neither are that demanding. I'm running the monitor @ 1080p which is the same as the laptop screen, and I'm using the HDMI cable that came with it. Even with Adaptive Sync enabled, both games are super choppy, where they play smooth as butter when I use the laptop screen. I installed FRAPS to see numbers and Bloodroots was getting 40FPS max but dipping to 20 or even less a lot. A ton of stuttering and pretty unplayable and it didn't matter what resolution I set the game at, even at 720 it was laggy as hell. So I went into the display settings in Windows and set the monitor refresh rate to 60 and Bloodroots now plays at a steady 60. So I set the monitor to 100hz in Windows, the monitor's OSD hz is saying 100. Same game was choppy again and didn't go much above 60. Shouldn't I be able to turn Adaptive-Sync with the monitor set to 165 and it will adjust to keep a consistently higher framerate? I know Bloodroots would run a lot higher than 60FPS on this system. I don't expect to be able to play any modern game at 165, but I'd like to not be capped @ 60. I'm assuming most CS:GO type games I'd be able to get something at least in the 100FPS range @ 900p, or maybe even 1080. I thought maybe it was just Bloodroots isn't optimized, so I just played Ape Out, and it was hovering around 40 with lots of low dips again. Then I tried Gorescript with pretty much the same numbers. This is with the monitor set to 100hz in Windows with Adaptive Sync enabled. What am I doing wrong here, or am I just stuck only able to play capped at 60fps with this setup?

I installed MSI's OSD software and looked for settings that could be changed but all I see is Adaptive Sync, which doesn't seem to make a difference whether it's on or off. When I change the hz in Windows MSI's hz display on the monitor's displaying whatever I set it to, so I know at least the monitor's adjusting to the change.
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