MSI OC Academy, 17th-19th April Live Stream


Feb 27, 2011
Here's a different sort of post. Ian Cutress (me) from the main site is involved in this with TeamGB Overclockers, and if you want to watch some livestreaming overclocking, here's some information from the organisers:


My fellow Overclockers and Tech enthusiasts !

It gives me great please to announce that our good friends at MSI and TeamGB are putting together an OC Academy Overclocking & LN2 event. So what are the details I hear you ask !, Please see below for all the details you need.

Event Location: Cambridge, UK
Event Venue: The Grain Store
MSI OC Academy UK Tour

Team GB Benching, MSI and partners in conjunction with OCN and HWBOT are pleased to introduce the MSI OC Academy UK tour. The first event will take place in Cambridge from the 17th – 19th April 2015.

Team GB Benching is all about promoting benching in the UK regardless of which HWBOT team you bench you will be welcomed at any Team GB event. The event is for the professional benchers; the not so experienced and the veterans; it is for the first timers who have never clocked hard before in fact this event is for everyone. But hurry there are limited tickets available.

There are only 20 tickets available.
Each ticket entitles the holder to entrance to the event.

All the Ln2 they can use.

Hotel accommodation for the Friday and Saturday nights.

All hardware will be provided, but you can bring your prized CPU or VGA to bench.

Entrance to the introduction to Ln2 and sub-zero benching course on the Saturday morning. Successful candidates will receive their level 1 certificate at the awards dinner.

A place at the Team GB Benching awards evening dinner, hosted by MSI. Sadly your drinks are for your own account.

Transport to and from the hotel and venue will be provided so there will be no need for any driving, you can just enjoy your weekend.

What is going on at the meet and how do I watch it ?

The event is going to be slightly different this time around. The weekend will be running two congruent streams. There will be organised event benching in teams and individual bench offs. Grab the opportunity to bench with the pro’s. That does not mean that free benchers who just want to bench their own hardware will be unwelcome, far from it. Get your ticket and you can bench in the manner that suites your mood. We would like all participants to get into the activities of course and have a bit of fun while benching up a storm, and participants will be eligible for some of the great prizes that are up for grab.

On offer to bench with will be MSI X99 systems with Intel® Core™ i7-5960X Processor under the hood, GSkill DDR4 3000MHz memory and a set of the awesome MSI Lightning’s that were only available to the Pro benchers. Now it is your turn to bench with the some of the best kit available. The Z97 platform is not being neglected and Intel were kind enough to send us 10 samples to play with, again GSkill are the memory providers.

OCTV and OCN are partnering up to deliver the best possible viewing experience with more than 8 camera’s and a dedicated commentary team providing insight to the action. Ask your favourite bencher those difficult and embarrassing questions during the interview slots. The stream will be available on HWBOT and OCN check the forums for more information closer to the time.

Team GB Benching have arranged a pretty exciting itinerary that will push the competitors ability and skills to the limits, while you the viewer get to call the shots. Decide what bench the teams have to do in the different rounds of the competition, the viewers will get to set targets for the benchers to achieve.

Think you know your benching? Well predict the winning score or winning time and win a prize. Select the correct round winner and you stand a chance to win. Get the correct winner of each round and walk away with the accumulator prize at the end of the day. Plus there will be a winner for the correct prediction of the overall weekend champion too.

Every viewer who participates will be eligible for the random prize draws that will be sponsored by our wonderful partners. But that is not all, this year the viewers are going to have a say in who gets a wild card entry to the singles knockout cup and pick the teams for the final bench off.

Stay tuned to see who all will be attending the event, there are four media representatives who will be getting cold in Cambridge and there are some special guests from overseas joining in the fun too. Maybe, just maybe a four way VGA world record or two will be broken live at the meet. Are you going to be there?

We very much look forward to seeing all who can make it and for those who cannot, we hope you enjoy the streamed show !

Signed The Team GB Benching Events Team

Main thread at OCN:
Facebook Event:
Livestream links will be put up at

Unfortunately all the spots were taken quite quickly (we're oversubscribed), but I'll be doing some punditry and we should have the UK's top seven (one through seven) on hand. So flows the LN2, and a lot of beer.
If you're in the Cambridge area, you are free to come to the pub, watch, drink :)