MSI K7T266PRO2 USB problem? (i think)


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Jul 27, 2001
A friend of mine is having this problems with his computer. He recently purchased a gravis gamepad (USB) and it having a heck of a time getting it to work. Here is the problem... We installed the gamepad and it went fine. We rebooted, and it works fine.. for a while. then out of no where, winXP will chime like when you unplug a usb device, and then it will detect it right away. after this the gamepad will not work until the computer reboots. the computer will do this everytime, and i dont know what can be done or what is causing the problem. i have switched usb ports and have the same thing happen. I think it might be attribuatble to the usb ports and not the gamepad. he has an optical mouse (USB but we have to use the ps/2 adapter) that will do the same thing, it will only work some of the time, when it wants to.

he is using Windows XP PRo
MSI K7T266PRO2 motherboard
athlon 1.2ghz with 256MB ddr266

is there issues with the motherboard and winxp? i have tried flashing the bios, but have been unsucessful. when i create a dos boot disk in winxp using the command from under "format" - and i boot with the disk, i cannot "see" any other drive besides a: and it is not recommended that i flash the bios from a disk (although i have tried this too and it would not work). would flashing the bios have any effect with winXP?

any information at this point would be useful



Apr 23, 2000
You tried installing the latest VIA filter USB driver 1.10 from here ,btw it works fine in WinXP.

<< USB Filter Patch - USB v1.0

This patch fixes very specific issues under specific circumstances, described below. Users who are unsure as to whether they should install the patch can be assured that if they do install the patch, even if it is not necessary, it will cause no harm to their system. The patch will detect your systems configuration and install only when necessary. The patch will only install on certain older VIA host controller revisions. Under these circumstances, the patch will resolve the following issues:

Fixes the issue when a connected usb hub that has no usb devices connected will be disabled after another usb hub is attached at another available root port.
Fixes the issue when transferring large of amounts of data, the system will hang.
Avoids noise from a USB audio converter or speaker.
Supports a usb add-on card.
Under Win2000/XP: This patch will save all register values in the memory before a system enters Stand By mode and then restore those registers when the systems resumes. This therefore avoids the situation where USB devices are not ready for use after a resume from Stand By mode.