Question Moving to a Dark Hero help with Dynamic OC switching Please?


Apr 14, 2013
Hey thanks in advance for the read just looking to get a couple questions answered regarding using this feature on the new mobo. I'll actually be doing almost a full rebuild in a couple weeks when everything gets here, so I'll list of my specs first then get to my questions (and yes I know some of my upgrades weren't really the smartest, but I upgraded with the plan on passing some parts down to my bro)...

5900x (Have run it stable at 4.55ghz with minimal voltage increase like 1.215 I believe, currently run at 4.5ghz)
Gigabyte Aorus Master ------> Asus Dark Hero
Gskill Royal 4x16 3600 16-16-16-36 (runs xmp haven't played around with it that much) ---------> Royal Elite 4x16 14-14-14-34
6900 xt Red Devil Ultimate (2700 {2600min} core, 2200 mem, fast timings, power levels maxed) swapped this in 2 weeks ago from a 2080ti
Sabrent 1tb Rocket 4.0 (OS/Apps) ----------> Sabrent 2tb Rocket 4.0 Plus (OS/Apps)
Sabrent 2tb Rocket 4.0 (Games/Programs)
Seagate 4tb Barracuda sata (Random storage)
Corsair rm850x ------------> Corsair rm1000x
Nzxt x73 ------------> Nzxt Z73
Corsair ql120 x 10 ------------> Lian Li sl120 x 10

With the list I added in after the parts that are waiting or on the way to be switched out. What I'm wondering is with this new setup and using the OC Switching would it be a good idea to first find out what my max (or how high I'd like to go) OC without it first before I start playing around and combining them? I know it's never a given but I'm thinking it's safe to say I should be able to get at least the 4.5ghz with the newer setup is it not? Also when using the feature will I be able to set my max core OC or will I have to lower it a little to work with the PBO?

Sorry for the jumbled post I'm rushing this while I'm at work haha.
Nov 26, 2005
Why do you want to use all those things? More fps? Lower input lag? It's fun to tinker around, i get it, but eventually it becomes a waste of time, imo.
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