Moving Into A New House - Need Help - Pics Inside


Mar 1, 2002
In the next couple of months our home will be complete and I need to figure out where to place my surround speakers. The front three will be easy to place but the back 2 or 4 depending if I stick with a 7.1 or 5.1 system will be very difficult due to the back wall will be open to the kitchen. I currently have Paradigm Ref 60's and a CC up front but I was using (4) polk rt35i as surrounds at our old house. I plan to sell the polks and finally complete the paradigm set but purchasing a pair of the new ADP-470 v3's. How far apart do these speakers need to be from one another? I am a movie man so I plan to watch movies about 95% of the time so I need to know what surround's would work best in this room. The rest of the equipment being used is: Denon 3803 as pre/pro, Parasound 1205A, Denon 2900, Dish PVR 721, Samson S1000, 20-39CS SVS.

Dimensions of the room are: 20 x 20 x 20
It's a perfect cube. Which I don't know if its good thing or bad thing.

Pictures of the room provided below. These pictures are from the model that I took but the room will look exactly the same. I do have some disadvantages with all the windows and all the open space but this will be a temp thing until I can get the basement finished.