Question Move My Router or Go Mesh?

Lil Frier

Platinum Member
Oct 3, 2013
Working on trying to improve my bother-in-law's home networking setup. They recently redid some rooms, which resulted in putting the WiFi router in a front corner of the house. Unsurprisingly, this has led to some signal strength issues on the other end.

On the one hand, they could probably be fine by getting a cheap switch for the modem and moving the router to a more central location of the house. It would be pretty cheap and simple, which is appealing.

On the other, I was thinking about longer-term solutions. They'll eventually move to a bigger house where a single outer might not be good enough. So, I was thinking of a mesh solution. That would offer better coverage for their yard and garage now, plus fit well when they move. Any reason to NOT go that route, if we're fine with the cost associated?

Lastly, any recommendations on good mesh options? The only major need would be multiple Ethernet ports to connect a couple of desktops and maybe one or two other wired devices. WiFi 6 (basic futureproofing) would be a nice plus, but it doesn't seem like a lot of solutions are putting this feature front and center, if it's there. Is that because there aren't many WiFi 6 mesh options right now, or is it so commonplace in these systems that they don't bother promoting it? I was looking at the Netgear Orbi because it offered more Ethernet ports. Most others appeared to only offer 1-2 ports. Any recommendations or information is appreciated, or I can answer more questions, if needed.

Eric Fazekas

Jun 27, 2017
Sounds like mesh is the way to go. I'll just say you only need two Ethernet ports on a mesh router. 1) If you're going to do a wired backhaul between the devices and 2) the second one could run switch (i.e. 8 port POE).

I've been using Linksys Velop for a few years now . Two of my nodes run 8 port switches in this manner. Three of them have a wired backhaul between them. The Velop nodes have two ports on the bottom.