Mouse stops working after a restart?

lil layzie

Junior Member
Sep 20, 2004
I'm kinda stumped.

My friend just recently bought an]MSI K8N Neo FSR nForce3[/URL] motherboard along with an AMD64 3200+ Processor.

The problem is everytime he restarts his computer, the mouse dies. No movement at all. He has to power off and on in order to get the mouse working. So we know the mouse and the port is working. It just happens after a restart. Anyone have any ideas?

It's connected to the ps/2 port btw and it's a cheap $6 mouse.

It has worked well on his previous motherboard with no problems. We know he could just change over to a USB mouse but I'd just thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else encoutered this problem.

Got any suggestions? Thanks.


Oct 28, 2004
LOL I have the same problem with my old computer (P2 300mhz, 64 RAM, 32MB Video card).
In order for my mouse to work, I can't restart, only way is to shutdown and power back up.
I haven't really tried it lately, best bet is to make sure all your drivers are updated.