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mouse/keyboard freezes help


Senior member
Jan 27, 2002
im on a asus a7v600 with an amd 2500 o/ced to 11x200 mouse and keyboad freeze every now and need to cold boot if i reboot to soon after mouse a keyboard still frozen thought it was because they're wireless so i tryed hardwired ps2 mouse/keyboard as well also uped volts to 1.7 on cpu just ran prime95 for 24 hours even played Diablo II why'll it ran also ran 3dmark 2001and 2002 no errors. temps only reached 45 cpu 36 board. need your thoughts only thing i can think of is heat.

ps system:
asus a7v600 mobo bios1005 (onboard sound, gig nic)
2500 @ 11x200 = 2.2 or 3200 with slk 800 heatsink and sunon 80mm fan
512 mhz kingston ram at lowest memory setting 3/3/3/8
ati 8500le video card
maxtor 60 gig ata 133 hd
liteon 52x cdrw
antec 330 tt
antec sonata case only one 120 m case fan on back air out