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Motorized Volume Control Sony STR-D365 Won't Spin

Sony STR-D365

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May 11, 2021
I've got a Sony STR-D365. Everything works except the motorized volume control. When I try to increase or decrease the volume with the remote I hear the motor spin but it does not move the knob or change the volume. I can adjust volume manually, just can't do so with the remote.

The remote does work. The motor is simply not connected to the potentiometer so while I can hear it (the motor) spin it doesn't move the knob and thus doesn't change the volume. If I want to change the volume I have to move it manually with the knob.

How hard is it to fix this problem?
Is the potentiometer driven by a belt from the motor or is there a direct connection to the motor?
How do I go about repairing or do I need to order an entire new motor/pot unit?



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Jul 15, 2003
I think you may have to send it in. If Sony won't fix it, you need to find somebody who does third party repairs, and those are fewer in number these days. Sadly most stuff isnt repairable nowadays. Its all designed to be replaced, not fixed.
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