Moto G4 Plkus upgrade help

Sep 29, 2004
Random shutdowns started last week. Not frequent but I think this phone has had it's day.

Pretty convinced that I should just get the G7 since I loved my G4. I like the price point.

Sadly, the only requirement is hte headphone jack and frankly a 5" screen is plenty of real estate. Here's where I'm pissed. My G4 has a 5.5" screen and the G7 has a 6.2" screen.

I do notice that he G4 has a 5.7" screen. Should I just do that and save money and get something more akin to what I want anyway? What does the G7 have that he G6 doesn't?

Right now it's G7 Play vs G6.

EDIT: Will I need a new sim card or are they the same size in these phones? (UPDATE: It's micro to nano move. I think I have an adapter though so I should be OK)
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