Motherboard recommendation for an Intel Quad 6600 CPU


Jan 8, 2002
My cousin bought this ASUS from CompUSA but it's already have problems. We're going to vacate the case and take all the components sans the motherboard, video and power supply and make a custom build with the parts.

Which motherboard would you recommend for the Q6600?

We MAY overclock in the future but it isn't absolutely necessary.

Also, we plan to get an 8800GT along with a Seasonic 700 M12 PSU.

I'm looking more towards an Intel chipset as opposed to nVidia. Just too many problems with their stuff right now.

I would greatly appreciate the help!


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Jan 10, 2008
I like the 780is from EVGA and XFX just fine, and the 750i FTW from EVGA is rather nice too, specially price-wise. But those are nVidia chipsets that you don't seem to want, although I don't see your reason justifying it. In any case, the Gigabyte boards with the P35 chipset will probably do everything you need, well priced at sub $100, and highly recommended/owned here on the AT forums. You may want to try the Asus p5k I believe, another well priced and common board with support being the least of your worries. Or you could get one of the newer P45 chipset boards, prices vary from $100-$250 depending on the features etc. More info on what you need the board for, how long, and budget would be a great help in members here advising you on what to get. Just my opinion.
Jun 11, 2008
I've a big fan of P35 based boards. The Gigabyte based P35 boards have been great for both stability and overclocking.

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Newegg also has a DFI P35 board on sale with free shipping using promo code "MB530FS"

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Either one of these boards or just about any other P35 board will be great with a Q6600. Get yourself a decent air cooler and enjoy!

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