Motherboard Problems - MSI Z77a-GD65

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    Here is a list of my parts:
    Corsair Obsidian 650D
    i5 3570k with Coolermaster 212+ Evo
    MSI Z77a-GD65
    TV screen connected via HDMI

    I recently got my parts together and did a test boot of my system to make sure everything works. It started up fine. So I shutdown, disconnected all the power, and installed my front panel connectors. I tested the power button. The PC turned on, then it shut off. I pressed the power button on my case again. It turned back on, then shut itself off again. It did this once or twice more, before finally settling on being on. At that point, the debug led read dE and no information was displayed on my screen. All the case fans were running however. The Front Panel connectors were not plugged in.

    As my motherboard has a dual bios function, I flicked the switch. After a brief second, the computer will start to run. I can get into the BIOS and everything.

    Did I screw my main BIOS up somehow?


    I originally posted this during the weekend since MSI tech support was not available. Since then I have been able to contact tech support and got the problem solved.

    1. Tech Support originally had me attempt to clear the CMOS. When this failed to work, he had me attempt to flash the bios.
    2. Downloaded latest version of BIOS to usb flash drive (The drive was FAT32). Comes in a zip file. Unzip, and only needed the E7751IMS.A50 in the root directory of the flash drive.
    3. Plug in flash drive to back panel connector while computer was OFF.
    4. Flip the multi-bios switch to the second functioning bios.
    5. Once into the bios, flip the switch to the primary bios.
    6. Run the m-flash.
    7. Once completed flashing, it rebooted twice before powering on.
    8. Computer now runs fine.

    Overall, I'd say Tech Support was pretty decent.
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    Same setup as you, more or less, and had exactly the same repeated power on/off cycle problem.

    Anyway thanks for posting your resolution as the BIOS update procedure worked for me too. To give a little more detail the mobo had v10.3 out of the box and I updated to v10.5 that I downloaded from MSI.

    NB: You need to make sure OC Genie II is disabled (with the switch on the board) before you try and update the BIOS.

    Download link: