motherboard for a AMD Athlon 700MHz


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Apr 26, 2002
Ok, I'm new to this board, but I need some help. A friend of mine sold me a AMD Athlon 700MHz that came off of a motherboard combo. for details goto Click here ( or just copy and paste: ). My friend bought this combo, but messed up the motherboard and sold me the cpu for $10. What I am needing to know is were I can get a motherboard real cheap for it, or tell me what I need to know so I can choose a proper motherboard for the cpu.

Thank you


Feb 19, 2001
thats an old "slotA" athlon

you would be much better off if you just bought a new cpu and motherboard

you can get a "socketA" 1ghz duron for about $35 and a new motherboard for between $50 - $150 depending on the board (with this combo you will be able to upgrade alot in the future... if you get a board for your current "slotA" you will have a slow performing combo with very little upgrade)