Discussion Most somber New Year’s Eve I can ever remember


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Oct 16, 1999
I ubered home from the hospital in a really sad mood. I have never done New Year’s Eve well, always considered it a time of reflection but this year, grief & rage overwhelmed me. Briefly considered going to a bar ... but pandemic & I don’t drink, thought about booking a hotel room to spare my family from my mood but again pandemic & I didn’t have a change of clothes or even a toothbrush so I rode home in a silent Uber ( most uber drivers & riders don’t talk anymore... pandemic)

I got home, cried & raged. I am so tired of the deaths, so tired of seeing frantic families begging to see their loved ones, enraged at thoughtless, inconsiderate people who won’t mask up, plus people who now go out knowing they are Covid positive .... every ounce of stamia, every bit of strength I have seemed to evaporate. This virus has been made so political that many can’t agree on anything, many, including health care workers fear the vaccines that are our only hope of ending this horrible pandemic. When I read about pharmacy people deliberately spoiling vaccine I just lost it.

my message to you is this, this virus is real, yes you might survive after a lengthy hospital stay only to be discharged gray, skinny& needing assistance to get into your family car, you might be a Covid long hauler with long lasting medical conditions or you will be one of the unlucky ones, you won’t lie in ICU like sleeping beauty, your death will be horrific as organ after organ shuts down.

Please, stay home if you can, get the science info you need, roll up your sleeve for the vaccine as soon as you can. Please stay safe my friends & if you can give a thought and a donation or three to the people who can’t stay home, those who have to ride buses to work & can’t Uber in. Tip delivery workers generously . Lead, be good humans please

signed, a weary health care worker
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Oct 10, 1999
My province of Ontario, Canada is under lock-down for one month to try to flatten the curve. I can't visit relatives due to my OHS and my susceptibility to infection. Dr appointments have been cancelled/postponed.

Going shopping for food is fraught with worry. It is taking a toll on me.

I have been isolating since April and have been lucky by not getting sick.

I miss working and visiting friends/relatives. I miss my normal life.



Feb 27, 2003
Stayed home with my wife and three kids, same as last year except it was two kids and a pregnant wife. :)

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May 24, 2003
What I hate is that even the politicians are not following their own advice. Lot of them have been traveling all over and even out of country and having big family gatherings.

I admit I've been seeing family and friends but I'm in a really low risk area and we are all low risk in general, ex: retired or working low risk jobs. If I was down south it would be a different story though, it's way riskier there so we'd probably want to avoid visiting each other.
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Oct 20, 2003
I stayed home by myself too ... actually this is the first New Years I can recall in a long time that I didn't have to work.

Even after I stopped dispatching the graveyard shift I would still cover for younger folks who wanted to party. (also for the holiday "double-time" OT!)

signed, a weary health care worker

Hang in there and keep looking out for YOU! :)

*(start by strictly limiting news/media intake ... it really helps!)