Most Medical Debt To Be Removed From Credit Reports

Nov 17, 2019
" Equifax, Experian and TransUnion said in a joint statement Friday that medical debt that was sent to collections but paid off will be removed from credit reports rather than being kept on them for up to seven years.

The credit bureaus also said they would increase the time consumers have to pay unpaid medical bills before they are sent to collections and included on credit reports from six months to a full year."

Don't want to post the whole article, but this jumped out.....

"The CFPB report said that medical debt is the most common collection tradeline reported on credit reports but that medical debt collections were "less predictive than non-medical collections of future credit performance."

"Medical debt can also lead people to avoid medical care, develop physical and mental health problems, and face adverse financial consequences like lawsuits, wage and bank account garnishment, home liens, and bankruptcy," the CFPB report reads."

As far as I'm concerned, medical costs should NEVER lead to liens, garnishment or bankruptcy. I'm not sure anything other than elective treatment costs should even be reported to credit bureaus.



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Apr 3, 2001
I had so many wages garnished from medical expenses in the late 2000s... Kinda sucks when you're already having a hard time with life, having constant hospital bills, the stream of incoming bills never ends, and oh, now you're getting garnished too.


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Feb 24, 2017
I was picking up a heartattack burrito yesterday from a small place and was chatting with an EMT who brought this up and something about ambulance bills not going to collections.