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More racist Republicans

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Mar 19, 2007
You can be racist still. I think that the more important question is: Are you a Republican? If so, then you are probably a racist. I acknowledge that there are a few exceptions within the GOP, but they are rare.

Also, your post is very indicative of GOP-behavior. It is very suspect. The fact that you are married to one person doesn't make you immune from all racist behavior, especially to other people of other racial groups. It seems that you have followed into GOP racial-gender identity politics. "Minorities" aren't a monolithic group of people.

Please reconsider your racial-gender identity politics.
Still spewing your bullshit. You were asked repeatedly to show proof of GOP racial-gender identity politics in another thread and you couldn't. Maybe before you come onto a forum regurgitating that latest BS you heard you might want to do a little research.


Platinum Member
Jul 16, 2002
Some white people are racist. A lot of Republicans are racist. So, yes there are some white democrats who are racist.
This from the guy who previously argued black people couldn't be racist because blacks are not in a position of power or authority.