More cries in the winderness of the threat within that can't be named.


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Nov 24, 1999

Why do you suppose that given the lies that Trump utters that threaten American democracy itself he is not referred to as the sole focus of media attention and the naming of him and his intent to be the real danger that it is? Why is there any other news than the urgency of ending him as that threat? Cowardliness in the face of obvious truth? Motivated indifference? A death wish? Stupidity, blindness, somambulatory sleep? It seems people like to wait till their asses are on fire bevfore they kiss them good by.

I guess it just can't really be happening. Santa is on his way? What me worry? Somebody might cry out, look here comes Chicken Little.


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Nov 24, 1999
How can you be certain that Trump isn't actually good and your desire to take him down doesn't stem from some sacred cow within yourself?
That's easy. My Mother told me to be honest. As a result of pitiless and merciless self-discovery, self-exploration, self-conception, self-imaging, self-perception, introversion, self-absorption, self-centeredness, self-concern, self-involvement contemplation, meditation, reflection, rumination, self-analysis, introspection, self-contemplation, self-examination, self-observation, self-questioning, self-reflection, self-scrutiny, self-searching,and soul-searching I realized I didn't know anything. This led to an experience of the miraculous I call Grace with its concomitant experience of self-fulfillment, self-knowledge, self-actualization, self-awareness, self-consciousnes,and self-realization more or less. So like Spock I have come to regard my best guesses as better than most other people's less self-analytic self-certainty. In short, trust me or read here for further elaboration:

Have you heard the story of the two monks walking in jungle discussing the nature of reality. Monk one said that everything is an illusion. While monk two pondered this a water buffalo charged. Monk one ran up a tree, monk two contemplating all is illusion got run down. I thought you said everything is an illusion monk two said. Yes, monk one replied as was my running up this tree. If you see Trump coming don't ask me about certainty, grab a club and swing. You may find great satisfaction in discovering that delusions can feel quite real.

Why did the snake bite the kindly turtle who offered to carry him across a wide river mid stream causing them both to drown? The snake was true to it's snake nature. What is your true nature?


Aug 5, 2000
The Oligarchs only like a Government they can control. Representative Democracy is optional in their eyes.

Hence their persistent battle cry for small government. The smaller it is, the more they can exploit it against the pesky peasant class, who make up the vast majority of the nation and of whom believe that the nation belongs to them and not these few aristocrats who seek to bend the nation to its will, to its beck and call.


Feb 1, 2008
The reason that Trump gets away with it and the media just can't handle it, the reason is because many of those who should hold Trump accountable within the media are actually on his side. On Trump's side be it for ratings, for profit, or both.
And I really wonder about the military, and local police across America. If Trump did instigate another takeover, a well planned takeover, I wonder which side the police and our military would fall on?
Imagine Trump takes over, sends the military and police out into the streets. Why wouldn't the police and military oblige? Do Trump's bidding?
Look back at what happened on January 6th last year. It was very odd that only a handfull of police were on hand. And that more troops were present at your typical Black Lives Matters march than when thousands of rioters gathered at the US capitol? No one has yet to explain THAT.

I am convinced that the insurrection which took place on January 6 2021 was so well planned and the involvment runs so deep that we will never know. And this house committee doing the investigating has not scratched the surface nor do I believe they were allowed the tools or power to do anything beside to scratch the surface. If this were a true investigation, a serious investigation, then the military and local police and the national guard and every law enforcement agency across the country would be called up in front of this committee and forced to answer some hard questions, because.... those insurrectionist were well organized and came from all over the country, so you can't tell me that local law enforcment across the country were now aware that something big was happening. And their awareness should have triggered the national guard including the United States military because after all.... this was an organized takeover of the United States government. But obviously, no one gave a damn. Not enough to ring the alarm bells. Instead, they just let it happen. But i want to know.... WHY ????
Was this because.... a lot of our national protectors were in on it? And knew to look the other way?

And just an example of how off track the house investigations are, investigators are placing all the blame on one group.... The Proud Boys.
This small group of misfits could actually organize this nation wide insurrection attempt all by themselves?
Are you F-ing kidding me?
Yes, the proud boys were a tiny part of this, but the true villains lie within law enforcment, national guard, and our military. The unanswered questions... where the hell were they on that day? And the way things are going, they will all get away with not answering that question only to do a better job next time Donald Trump calls.

And to further my proof, despite the seriousness of what happened and the house committe investigating, this could all come to an end for only one reason.... the republicans take back the house and shut it down. That would be like the German govermnent shutting down investagations into the holocaust after the end of WWII. The insurrection of January 6th 2021 is far too important and far to dependent on our future as a democracy to allow anyone or anything to shut it down. But republicans have that power should they take control, and that right there is proof how deep and dark this organized insurrection actually runs.
As with Watergate, they are all involved.


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Jan 15, 2015
“I think when you have a Republican Congress, this is all going to come crashing down. The wolves are gonna find out they’re now sheep, and they’re the ones who are, in fact, I think, going to face a real risk of going to jail for the kind of laws that they’re breaking.”

-Newt Gingrich on the January 6 Commission

First they come for your political representatives, and your votes no longer matter.

Then they go after their easiest rivals and enemies to villainize and allow persecution.

And when they come for you there won't be anyone left in government who can represent you and your interests.

History rhymes.

Maybe it will be balkanization. Or maybe it will be a Central/South American style dirty war, similar to the kind the US helped to cultivate over the centuries. You say Proud Boys, I say Contras.

But scenarios are being planned right now. Count on it.