More AMD Mobo articles and/or Roundups

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Oct 10, 1999
In the process of putting a new system together and had to go to Tom's for info. Seems like there are plenty of P55 Reviews, but little to nothing concerning the AMD side. Ok, ya there are 2 785G articles, but they are quite limited.

IIRC, the opposite situation occurred when the Athlon was more favorable to the Intel offerings, so I don't think this is a Brand Bias, but it is a Bias nevertheless, or at least appears to be. It just seems to me that AT's coverage of Hardware is slipping and lacks the thoroughness of coverage available elsewhere.

The quality of AT articles are very good and I understand time limitations and what not, but I think AT might be falling behind other similarly focused websites and I'd rather get my info here than There. :eek::D
Not open for further replies.