Monsoon Vulkano Deluxe All-In-One Media Placeshifter / Recorder / Player $220

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Oct 22, 1999
Monsoon Multimedia has recently released a new network media device. has the Vulkano Deluxe version of the device on sale for $220. Regular price on the manufacturer's site is $280.

The company is the manufacturer of Hava placeshifting devices that were a direct competitor of Slingboxes and seem to have been phased out. They extended the placeshifting functionality in their new Vulkano device.

This new device can:
1) Placeshift (like a Slingbox) - allow remote access to your TV and video sources at home.
2) Remote TV Recording and Remote Scheduling of Recording
3) Network playback of content from UPNP servers and the Internet
4) Mobile access to the above features from smartphones and tablets

More info on the manufacturer's site.
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