Question Monitor recommendation: 34 inch enough to replace dual screen?


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Apr 26, 2002
I currently use 2x 24inch HP monitors. While it’s nice, I’m wondering if a single wider screen monitor is enough. I’ve also tried using a single screen (24inch) + my laptop screen(13 inch), and I think it should be enough. The only annoying thing is I can’t get them aligned quite right.
I do sit in front of my screen 8 hours per day and most of my work will be excel, coding, internet, word/PowerPoint, etc. Pretty much everything except games.

Things that I”m looking for:
a single screen to replace ‘dual monitor’ to allow me to have multiple windows with decent visibility and clarity.

Would like recommendation on resolution, hertz, size, etc etc. if I my budget is up to $450, will that be enough? What size should I get (34 inch enough) and what kind?

I use 2 computers regularly: a surfacebook3 and a MacBook Pro. Ideally, I’d like them both to be plugged in to the monitor and have a way for me to just seamlessly switch between input without having to plug and unplug. I would hope that I also dont have to plug and unplug my usb for my wireless mouse.

Cosmetic stuff (thin bezels, etc).


Feb 27, 2003
34" is 3440x1440 vs 2x24" 3840x1080, so you loose ~8% in pixel width and gain ~30% in pixel height. Our secretary and accountant did it at my work and both are very happy.


Feb 19, 2016
Same here.
I have 2x 24" 1920x1080 at work and I think that 1x 34" 3440x1440 that I have at home is much better.
For me, on 2x screen setup, bezels are always in the way, always making work uncomfortable, because you HAVE to split your view to two small screens. On 1x 34" you have one big space that you can use however you want - e.g. sometimes I want one window to be huuuuuuge, and sometimes I want 3 windows of different sizes. There is less total space on 34" 3440x1440, but much better workflow.

I got AOC CU34G2X because I wanted 144hz freesync and I can plug keyboard+mouse+headphones directly to a monitor which makes switching between PC/laptop very easy (I place notebook on my desk, plug displayport cable, and switch usb upstream from PC to notebook - not great but takes 5 seconds in total). There is a lot of choice in this price range and there may be better options. I think 60Hz is perfectly fine if not gaming. There are also models with USB-C power delivery at 65W/90W or more maybe - that would eliminate the need of separate display and usb upstream cables, and merge both to one.

I can also recommend monitor arm Ergotron LX, it is a pleasure to use it ;)


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Aug 11, 2001
I would get around 39" 4K TV, or slightly larger if you have a deep enough desk for it, unless you have special considerations besides "excel, coding, internet, word/PowerPoint, etc. Pretty much everything except games.". You'd need nothing more than 60Hz for that, requiring your systems to support HDMI2 or Displayport to get there.

Switching between the two inputs would just be a matter of hitting a remote control or on-TV menu button. Plugging and unplugging your mouse, you'll still have to do. I suggest having all USB peripherals on a hub then just plug and unplug hub from one system to the other, though there may be some USB KVM switch to accomplish this just pressing a button.

I don't feel that extra thin bezels matter nearly as much when single display instead of two side-by-side.
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Sep 2, 2006
even though i've got a 34" ultrawide, i still feel the need for a second monitor

i do too many things at fullscreen on the 34" and want to have the ability to put stuff on the second monitor


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Mar 20, 2000
quit messing with peasant resolutions and go >32" 4k. no loss of horizontal resolution and a massive increase in vertical resolution. it's way better for productivity than garbage 3440x1440.

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May 24, 2003
Pixel count is more important than size. I would definitely go with 4k regardless of size. I personally have 2x 28" 4k's on top of each other. Bottom one being the primary and top one is for extra stuff. I don't always turn it on, but if I'm coding or doing anything production then I will make use of it. When I'm working from home I put all my work stuff on the top one then some of it on bottom and I ahve 2 extra HD monitors to the sides. Between all that it's enough to squeeze in everything I need.

I originally wanted 32" 4k but they were so expensive and now I'm kind of glad I went the route I went since 28" seems to be the sweet spot. At work we have 3x 27" and it's a tad small to read text in some applications. That extra inch seems to make a decent difference. (that's what she said). 32" would be good if the monitor is further though, it clears up a lot of space on your desk, like if you were to mount it on the wall for example.