Monitor losing sync with videocard?


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May 5, 2002
As of Friday I recieved my PC from so after I hook it all up I go install MOH:AA. Im running the game just fine then boom my monitor shuts down and the PC just hangs. I restart the PC manually and upon restarting it my monitor gives me the ol "out of sync" messege, so I have to manually turn off the PC for about 5 minutes to get the damn thing working.

I go back into Win XP ... and figure it was a fluke, try it again with Quake 3... same thing happens once I go into the game. When I boot back into XP I get a error report telilng me theres somthing wrong with my display driver and my Radeon 8500 might be the reason for the unstability , it also mentioned somthing about draw distance.

So I think .. no problem! I go download the latest Radeon 8500 drivers ... the same exact thing happens yet again!. Then I'm thinking its my monitor so I try it on my other PC and it runs flawlessly. Then I assumed it was a refresh rate problem .. I downloaded about 3 refresh rate fixes (refresh lock being one of them) and none of them worked at all.

I try changing the hz rate and nothing happens at all. Everything seems to be cooled just fine in my PC ... I have the fan over the CPU and a fan on the side of the case to blow out the hot air. In my BIOS my CPU stays at about 79 then climbs to as high as 96 most of the time.

The fan on the Radeon 8500 runs just fine. I frankly dont know what to do, this also happens when I'm browsing the internet or doing anything really. I noticed that when I wake up, I can turn on the PC and run a game just fine for about 20 minutes before it does this, or when I come home from work.

Any suggestions are welcomed, I'm not extremely knowledgable but please excuse me becuase Im sure most of you know far and beyond more then I do in this field. And it could save me the hassle of having to ship the tower back for repair if I get this solved. My setup is as follows:

MSI Sis-645 6533GL
P4 1.6ghz
256mb DDR SDRAM PC2100
40gb 5200rpm HD
64mb DDR ATI Radeon 8500 LE
Windows XP Home Edition


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Dec 5, 2001
That company doesn't have phone tech support? Call them before you go messing around too much. You may void your warranty.

- Or -

Grab yourself a can of pork soda. You'll be feeling just fine. ;)