Monitor going?


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Jun 21, 2001
rachel: should my comp screen be making an annoying high pitched sound?
qkslvrwolf: no...
qkslvrwolf: no it really shouldn't
rachel: if i hit it it stops
rachel: but it starts up again after a while

Is this the sound/sign of a monitor going? Never had one die on me so I wouln't know.


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Dec 19, 2001
It could have some small resister going in it or something. I had a monitor go and it made a loud snapping sound after awhile and I had one that made a sound and eventually I couldnt' get certain resolutions out of it but it was easily fixable and it didn't cost much to fix it (the labor cost more than the part).

It could be a number of things but if it's an older monitor and it is small (ie. 15 or 17") then it might be worth it more to buy a new monitor cause the cost might be more to fix than it's worth.