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Discussion in 'Peripherals' started by iamloco724, Feb 6, 2012.

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    im looking to get a new monitor around 21.5 inches would probably be best

    i currently have a 19inch DELL E196FP

    i have sensitive eyes when it comes to lcd/led screens so im looking for something reliable and that wont cause me to many issues with eye problems

    i just built a new pc with windows 7 and the fonts are very blurry and thin so something that displays text very well will be great

    i wont be gaming on it just basic everyday computing with some media work

    i was looking at these 2

    HP 2211x 21.5-Inch LED Monitor
    ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis)

    both are in my price range and i would like to buy from amazon just cause i have gift cards and ease of return in case of a problem
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    What's the issue with your eyes? To mtigate the font issue need to use the display recomended resolusion and and do not use vga connection; use dvi or hdmi or display port.
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    Skip Viewsonic. We have several 22 - 24" models at work. They are garbage. If your budget allow, I would get a Dell Ultrasharp.

    If the fonts are blurry, make sure you are running at native resolution and as cantholdanymore suggested, use digital connections like DVI, HDMI or displayport. Avoid VGA. Also, play with Adjust ClearType Text and Set Custom Text Size (DPI) in Windows 7.
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    Concerning potential visual issues, here are some things to think about or try:

    Dont use a glossy screen particularly if you are subject to migriane.
    Turn down or limit brightness.
    Dont use wallpaper. Desktop should be black. This helps cut down brightness/glare.
    Choose a Windows color theme that is cool or visually pleasing.
    Set the WINDOWS fill colors (ie, background portion of open Windows) to an off white.
    I usually cut the whites to a slight/subtle beige or even tinge of gray.Use custom color for this.
    This takes out any harsh/overly bright/intense whites
    And yes, use of DVI sometimes can result in perceptibly sharper text.
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    Run the Cleartype tuner. Don't use the standard font smoothing.
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    Go to a physical store to shop, there are a ton of factors that can greatly impact your ability to comfortably view the screen.

    My eyes are so sensitive that I cannot move away from Windows XP on my desktop, the different ways Windows displays colors, windows, animations, fonts, I have tried and cannot dial in to any settings that I can look at for a long time.

    It took me several attempts, and many, many, many severe headaches before finding an lcd monitor I could upgrade to from my 19" CRT. I was able to settle on a Gateway 24" SPVA monitor, though they do not make this type anymore.

    Take special note of the viewing angles. The larger the monitor, the greater the effect, you look at the screen, and the color of a pixel your right eye sees is different from the color of the same pixel your left eye sees. Causes me problems. Up, down, left, right. Most monitors today are good with left/right viewing angles, but up/down is poor. The SPVA screen I have is superb in each direction, rare to find.

    I also had to play with the color settings of the display for a long time to make it acceptable, basically killing the brightness of the whites while keeping good colors in the darks. HDTVs I also have to kill the brightness of the whites.

    As for cleartype, at least for me, that must be turned off at all times. The text must be in grayscale, I cannot look at fonts that end up being a rainbow of colors, it hurts my eyes.

    The new crop of LED LCD monitors with matte finishes are infinitely better that the glossy/reflective monitors that dominated the past several years, but you *still* need to see the monitors in person to know what you can and can not handle viewing.
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