Monitor display goes black and pops up as "No signal" randomly after 2-3 hours


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Jul 13, 2016
Hello everyone,

I have this weird problem now , i have two graphic cards gtx 560ti and gtx 1060 , when im using the on board intel graphics the display doesn't go black and stays for longer hours until i turn it off , but whenever i either use my gtx 560ti or the gtx 1060 , either it might be gaming or browsing the monitor display goes black after 3-4 hours randomly , if i restart the pc immediately it goes black again in few minutes.

If i leave the pc turned off overnight, with the gpu next day it runs fine for 3-4 hours again. I don't really understand it , i thought it was a gpu problem , but i tested with both my cards and it still occur.

It doesn't happen when im using intel hd graphics , removing both the gpu's.

I tested my gtx 1060 on my friend's pc and it is working flawless , so its not really with my gpu problem.

I have a corsair cs650m power supply , which is more than enough for gtx 1060 as it requires only 500. Any suggestions?


Dec 15, 2015
Monitor might be overheating, if symptoms exist with 2x cards (eliminates vid card), and re-occur post-restart within a few minutes, but fine after snoozing/turning on after several hours of being off.

Try lowering the refresh rate in windows (might help?) or like, set up a box fan pointed at it or something to test. If it lasts longer with a fan getting some air out of there, you found your culprit.

If that's it, crack it open and start getting dust out, find a way to rig a fan inside, or find a new monitor :p