monitor dilemna?


May 15, 2005
Ok, so I'm in a monitor dilema

i am not sure whether to go with CRT, or LCD?

I am currently at my parents house using their 19" CRT. But I am moving out soon, and will be needing a monitor (moving out this dec). I am already building a computer though, and have bought almost all the parts.

so first question: Buy a monitor now, or wait until I move out?

now, whether or not I buy now, what to get? LCD or CRT?

So, which to get, CRT or LCD?

CRT I've seen for same sizes at 20" is roughly a $50-$150 savings from CRT vs LCD. But a 19" CRT is drastically lower (checking newegg).

What are the pro's/con's?

So far, all I know is:

LCD uses less power
LCD definately space efficient (duh).
LCD generates less heat
20" CRT are HUGE ?
CRT has better refresh rates, so for gaming, better?
LCD suffers from "ghosting" ?

another question: what's "ghosting" ?

I think I would definately want a LCD, because it uses less power (smaller power bill when I move out) and all ? I heard that using it for a couple years will pay for itself ??

another question: if I get the LCD, which to get? 17" or 20.1" ?

Dell currently has deals for their 20.1 LCD for like $464 (I've seen it before at $396) and their 17" at $200.

this is my gaming machine also, so I heard that the native resolutions on the 20.1 is 1600x1200, which to even me is crazy, as I am only on 1280x1024 right now, and that is at my limits. So playing games, will affect the performance (FPS, even though, maybe not much of a difference?) maybe?

err, at a dilemna on what to do right now. your thoughts?


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Aug 12, 2001
If you're happy with 1280x1024 then either a 17" or 19" LCD will give you that resolution, for a lot less money than a 20" LCD.

The Advanced Search link at the left of this page (keywords "LCD gaming" forum General Hardware) will find you a bunch of other threads full of opinions.

The Displays tab at the top of this page has articles on LCDs that also explain the terms. Ghosting is not when your monitor is possesed by evil spirits though some might disagree.


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Oct 3, 2004
if you get an LCD with 16ms response time or less from a reputable company I.E. Samsung, DELL,etc. there should be almost no ghosting during even the most intensive FPS games. As for movie watching even 25ms will do, just make sure it is quality, i just ordered the 17in dell for $200, i am so looking forward to it, i suggest go for that or the 20.1in if you got the money. The UltraSharp Dell's all have a response time of 12ms and lower, so no worries there, if you wanna double check just read some reviews on the latter.


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Nov 30, 1999
if you're serious about gaming, the crt's offer best bang for buck. if space is premium and visual quality isn't real high, then opt for LCD.

There are a few LCD's out there that can almost match crt's, but you pay for 'em.