Mod a 2 fan-temp controlled PSU to use 2 fans NOT temp control?


Senior member
Apr 23, 2003
How would I go about doing this? I opened the PSU the other night while I was cleaning out my case and (i don't really see the connection between cleaning case and voiding warranty of PSU) I wanted to use a rheostat to control the speed of the fans in my PSU. However, the fans inside the power supply are 2 pin and my rheostat thingy only accepts 3 pin. So can I just switch those 2 fans out of the psu and put 2 three pin fans in and route the cables so they go outside the psu with the rest of the wires? I really want to silence the PSU...too loud!

It's a 420watt turbolink PSU that came with my chieftec sx1040 case. I really want an antec true power 430/480 though.