Mobile 2500/NF7 O/C venture

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Jan 19, 2003
I like the ram...but it was expensive. $160 shipped for 2 256 mb sticks. I havent put the ram to its SPD rated values yet, so let me do that tonight and I will repy back here how it does. When I first got the sticks they didnt want to run at SPD values, but I was also running with non 1:1 ratios, which I hear nforce chipsets dont do too well with.

In short, I havent tested the memory enough yet to say whether or not Im a huge fan, but I will play with it in a few hours here and let you know. Probably if I had it to do over again I would go with 2 sticks of pc3500 like Anandtech suggested in their recent overclocking rig article. It doesnt promise the same timings, but it can reach higher speeds and its cheaper and I dont think the performance difference would be noticeable.


Platinum Member
Sep 20, 2000
I guess I will be the first to recommend Memtest86.

You can use this program to see how far you can get the FSB.
(drop your multiplier to 9.5 or lower)
When you adjust your timings ... look at the bandwidth transfer totals.
(take notes)

I suggest 10 complete memtest 'passes' with cache ON.
You want no errors.
(about 3-4 hours with your speedy memory)

Dont forget that you may need to up the DDR and NF2 chipset voltage also, during this process.
(I had to do a volt mod to my v1.2)

So, take your time. Find the most bandwidth at your highest FSB with this tool.
Then, you can then start bumping your multiplier now.