MN-700 Wireless "Issues"


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Jul 1, 2005
Hey all. I'm running the following network:

2 desktop PC's and one laptop all wired and wireless through a MN-700 with latest firmware.

I'm running WPA for the wireless and have MAC filtering enabled (as a secondary, I know it does nothing really).

I have filesharing and printer sharing enabled as one box is strictly a PVR, so I stream the videos to the other box or the laptop. Each computer uses McAfee Firewall and the free AOL Kaspersky antivirus. All computers have been check for viruses and come up clean.

The issue is as follows:

Whenever the laptop is connected to the network, there is significant LAN traffic between all PC's (bursts of about 1-2 MB spaced out at about 10-15 second intervals) They happen constantly whenever the laptop is connected. I can turn off the laptops wireless and the issue goes away. This happens with all PC's sitting idle, so no filesharing should be occurring.

The weirdest thing is tha if I turn off the two desktops and only run the laptop, the activity lights on the router for the 2 inactive desktops will still flash at the same intervals. It's almost as if some program on the laptop is scanning for the desktops even when they aren't on.

This is creeping me out. Any suggestions?