MMORPG... Which one should I play next?


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Apr 3, 2001
Been playing Shadowbane a lot lately and it's a really great game.. However, I am burning myself out on it since I am now stuck running a city and spend most of my time leveling newbs, farming, and hunting down the damn rpkers that kill the newbs in my guild.

I was thinking of playing SWG.. but I really don't like Star Wars and the whole idea of the game looks stupid to me. I am wanting a new MMORPG that has a huge map where players can change things on the map.. like position new buildings and stuff. I also want there to be a wide variety of monsters to kill and new stuff found in the game.

The problem with Shadowbane is that everything in the game seems to have been already discovered. Other than that, it is a very good game.

However, I am more for the idea of exploring new places on a map.. Any recommendations or sites that have good previews of upcoming MMORPG's?