Question Missing parameters in Advanced settings for my AQtion AQC107 ethernet card


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Apr 12, 2018

I am following the below guide to set up the 10GbE card built-in of my PC running Windows 10:

I have the following questions.

1. In Step 1, I went to Advanced tab and selected Jumbo Frame. I changed it to 9014 Bytes as suggested.
Then, there is a "Receive Buffers" with default 512 as the value. What is the unit for 512?
Is it recommended to set to 4GB?

2. Where is the "Send Buffers" size setting? It is not in the Advanced Settings list.

3. In Step 2, I went to the Device Manager and opened Properties manual of the ethernet card.
Under Advanced Settings, I am supposed to see "Speed and Duplex" but it only shows "Link Speed".
Where can I change the Duplex setting?

Thank you


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Jul 6, 2007
No need to change anything unless you absolutely need to.


Fallen Kell

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Oct 9, 1999
Yeah, for jumbo frames, it really only helps if everything you have in your network supports it and the majority of traffic that you send goes to other computers that support it across the entire network path between your computer and their computer. As a home system, it can be beneficial if you have say a local storage server and one or more clients that almost exclusively just access that server. But if this is on say a "gaming" computer that is playing online games, you are better off not using jumbo frames since your network traffic will then be delayed when it hits the first network segment that doesn't support jumbo frames (and there will be segments that don't) between your computer and the game servers.
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