Minor flicker lines in light text


Junior Member
Sep 2, 2006
I just upgraded from a nVidia 7300GT to a 9800GTX.

When i run Fallout 3 on ultra I have no problem whatsoever. However, when I am on the pc browsing the web or even playing WoW i notice there are faint "lines" that flicker through light colored text.

It isn't noticeable on darker colors. The most apparent place is the time/date in the bottom right corner, however this is not limited to this part of the screen.

I've started narrowing it down, and it seems to only be apparent at 1360x768 resolution. I can run 1280x768 and it is non-existant. I do not believe it is my monitor, as I didn't have any probs running 1360x768 with the 7300GT. I would simply run at the lower resolution and be done with it... but then i have to deal with the black bars on the side as the monitor's native resolution is 1366x768 (LTV-32W6).

I have checked to make sure i have the most updated drivers, although tonight I will uninstall/reinstall again.

Any ideas?